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Truck, Rail, Vessel, Plane, Project Logistics, Groupage Services by Truck

Trans-Trading GmbH - International Freight Forwarders


On Oct 1st, 1976 Trans-Trading GmbH has been founded by Roland Krug as an international freight forwarding company in Meerbusch near Duesseldorf.

Already after a short period of time the volume of business had reached a level that made it necessary to look for a bigger place. Consequently, Trans-Trading moved to a newly constructed office and warehouse building in the industrial zone of Willich-Muenchheide. That is where the company still is located up to date. In the course of the years the clientel were wide spread all over the country, in the Munich area in particular. This led into the foundation of Trans-Trading-Sued GmbH, Munich on April 1st, 1984. In the meantime the company has changed its name into Trans-Trading GmbH and is located in the industrial zone of Geretsried-Gelting.

Main target of both companies was from the very beginning, and still is, to focus on a "special markets" policy. This caused a geographical concentration on Austria, Switzerland, East and Southeast Europe and the Middle East. Due to the impact of political changes in Europe and Asia the service range of Trans-Trading has significantly been widened and today includes all of the CIS states from the Baltic Ocean to the Chinese border.

Besides scheduled groupage services by truck to these destinations, the companies increasingly specialized in project logistics. These more sophisticated services require a top notch of Know-How, devotion and motivation. That of course is relevant for both, the own staff and the respective agents at the other end of the chain. It is needless to say, that only highly qualified “shipping professionals” can find the appropriate solutions for the tasks and problems at hand. Therefore Trans-Trading is committed to match all needs and demands of the diversified stem of customers.

This attitude certainly is one of the reasons why Trans-Trading can enjoy to count a significant number of major domestic and foreign companies as its valued customers.

By founding another office in Hamburg on September 1st, 2007, the geographical radius has been expanded and now covers the globe as a whole.

To match the needs and requirements of the cargo, all available means of transportation are used and state of the art loading, lashing and securing equipment is being provided appropriately.

Times may have changed. The technological evolution steps forward in an unbelievably breathtaking way. The requirements for reliability, punctuality, transparancy and money value have increased enormously.

One thing yet remains unchanged and is still valid more than ever:
The human being is center and heart of each and every service effort. Individual, personal, careful and professional treatment of customers and the own staff and their wishes, is the most noble goal one can have, and therefore the "credo" of the Trans-Trading.

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